This time last year I was sat in the same spot contemplating what I wanted to change about my life or make better that I could set as a new year’s resolution. I really tried to set realistic goals that would contribute towards being my ‘best self’ and looking back on the last 12 months, I’ve realised I’ve had a pretty good time.


Going ‘veggie’ for the month of Jan (and then increasing it into my usual routine for the rest of the year was one of my resolutions and now I can proudly say that I am 100{21d6c94c09fbed4c14ccdfce2309b4b0d9ae47d742ed8376a3051ebf34fc8e96} meat free! Who knew that kick starting the year eating vegetarian food, trying out new recipes and exploring with flavours would mean that a few months later I would have cut meat out of my diet completely and even had my first ever veggie Christmas (see below)?! Not me – but I feel so much better for it. Whilst I still eat a bit of fish, I converted mainly because I actually now prefer the taste of veggie food. The fact that it has environmental benefits is a bonus!

Dry Jan (and decreasing alcohol throughout the year) was my second resolution, which I can also safely tick off the list. I completed alcohol free January and also have cut down massively in general. However, I’ve now realised my tolerance to alcohol is far less and due to the fact I rarely drink, I can very quickly feel the effects. Therefore, this year I want to cut it back even further!


My third and final resolution of 2019 was to complete my first half marathon which I did in May at the Hackney Half. I was injured the couple of months leading up to it which meant that I didn’t get a super good time, but I trained hard, pushed myself way beyond my comfort zone and felt so proud of G and I for getting over the finish line. It was a great personal achievement and having a goal like this really was a driving force for getting 2019 off to a strong start.


So having completed all my resolutions for 2019, I’m thinking what is 2020 going to bring?

  1. Run 500km in 2020Having completed my first half marathon this year and pushing my body through pain I didn’t realise it could feel, I feel such an immense sense of pride and admiration at what I can do when I put my mind to it (and there’s nothing wrong with some self-love and appreciation!) My ankle and knees have bared the burden of running in 2019 and I am nervous about training for another half marathon. However instead G and I have set ourselves the challenge of running 500km over the course of the next 12 months (obviously not in one go…) This means an average of about 10km a week which doesn’t sound too much, but I know there will be weeks when I don’t run at all! This will mean we keep up the exercise and have something tangible to work towards.UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_4f24
  2. Cut back more on alcohol and bad foodsI eat super healthily 99{21d6c94c09fbed4c14ccdfce2309b4b0d9ae47d742ed8376a3051ebf34fc8e96} of the time, and I also rarely drink alcohol. However, in 2020 I want to take it a step further by stopping ‘unnecessarily drinking’ when I really don’t need to e.g. mid-week, post-work drinks and limiting it to when I feel I want to for a special occasion. I also want to be more careful with what I eat, cutting down on over indulging when I go on holiday or home for the weekend and ensuring that I’m getting all the right nutrients now that I’ve cut meat out of my diet. Both of these will hopefully contribute to happier body and happier mind!
  3. Invest more time in my blogThis year has been tough on the time I’ve spent blogging. In between 2 jobs, training for my half marathon, lots of holidays and socialising has meant I’ve been less organised in writing up posts. Therefore, this year I want to dedicate more ‘me time’ to my blog which in turn will mean I try more recipes, create more content on holidays and explore more ways to talk about things I love such as fashion and beauty. In 2019 I only managed 21 blog posts and this year I want to more than double that so I’m writing up a post nearly every week. Let’s go for 50!UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_4e7e

Having been a huge advocate for all things realistic, there is one thing I’m going to throw on my list that is probably not realistic but I’m crossing my fingers and toes that perhaps it will come true…!

That one is – getting a dog, which I want more than anything else in the whole entire world!!!


Have you got any new year’s resolutions? Feel free to comment below what challenges you are setting yourself, or if you have any ideas that I could perhaps pick up! I think Jan is always a good excuse to get your life back on track and think about how you can make the next year the best one yet. There’s lots of other things that I’ve not gone into detail about on here that I’m going to try and do, such as hosting more in the flat and reducing the impact I am having on the environment, but I wanted the 3 above to be focused goals for me to work towards!


Here’s to making more memories and hopefully achieving some great things!

IH xo