I love surprises, but if there’s one thing I love more it is surprisING.

So, without being too extra, I do occasionally like to plan nice things that G (or others) don’t know about.

Before I go any further I must add that I’m not actually sure whether it is a good or bad thing that G believed me when I said that I wanted to go to a boutique shop in the middle of London that I’d spotted on insta, and that he should take a days holiday to come with me…

But he believed me so that was the first obstacle to overcome for the surprise.


The beautiful sunshine that we have had in London over the last couple of weeks has meant that it is finally feeling like summer. Nothing can boost your morale more than a little bit of sunshine on your day off and so with the exciting afternoon I had planned, I was in a pretty good mood.


We took the tube into central London and walked about 15 minutes from Oxford Circus to Mayfair. We walked through alleyways, along a park and past many lush car shops, so G was suitably confused as to where we were heading. Finally, after much speculation we passed ‘The May Fair’ hotel – I knew I was in the right place.


We turned the corner and saw a gorgeous frame of draping pink and white flowers surrounding a doorway. With it looking like something plucked from a fairy-tale it was no surprise to G that I pushed open the door. His only confusion was that the sign read ‘May Fair Kitchen’ which didn’t very much sound like the insta-boutique that I had been going on and on about…


I spoke to the lady at the front of the restaurant and we were quickly shown to our seats amongst neatly laid marble tables and were given a complimentary bottle of fizz, which was part of the deal I’d found on this website. G knew at this point that I had not forced him to sit and watch me try on clothes, but instead we were about to indulge in the most incredible sweet treats. It was just a perfect setting and going on a Friday afternoon meant that the restaurant was not packed, and there were just a few others enjoying the calm, luxury of Afternoon Tea.


The Afternoon Tea that May Fair Kitchen put on is an award-winning Charbonnel et Walker chocolate-themed signature, with all the classic treats you’d expect and more. The staff at the restaurant were impressively attentive, all smiling and offering you a service over and above what I’ve experienced elsewhere.


We were offered free flowing tea and coffee before they brought out our food, which on top of our bubbles meant that we were spoilt for choice.

Once we had sipped on a latte and chatted about how gorgeous everything around us was, we were served perfectly cut sandwiches that catered for all tastes – honey roast ham with wholegrain mustard mayonnaise on brioche bread, Scottish smoked salmon with lemon butter on dill bread, rare roast beef with horseradish mayonnaise on black pepper bread, cucumber with mint cream cheese on tomato bread and cheese and red onion on caraway seed bread. I never knew that so many breads existed! They were all exquisitely made and there is something so scrumptious about tiny finger sandwiches that leave you feeling more than satisfied.


The next layer offered us Sicilian lemon scones and Charbonnel et Walker chocolate scones with May Fair Kitchen’s orange preserve and vanilla mascarpone, which sat amongst dark chocolate crowns. With scones being my all-time favourite part of afternoon tea, I was apprehensive that these twists on the classic would not live up to expectations (there is nothing quite like strawberry jam and clotted cream on a plain scone). However, I was pleasantly surprised! The lemon scone was not overpowering and the chocolate option was not too sickly despite it oozing chocolate. A perfect balance and mid-course to take us onto the top layer…


Finally, on top of the tower were even more chocolate treats that were each an indulgence in themselves. We had flourless chocolate and orange cake, sugar-coated doughnuts with chocolate sauce, tiramisu with chocolate shavings – accompanied by Charbonnel et Walker pink de champagne truffles and milk sea salt caramel truffles.


It truly was divine and if you are a chocolate lover this is the perfect afternoon tea for you. It is always tricky to find one that satisfies all of your fancies because you need to ensure you enjoy the savoury sandwiches, the classic scones and the treats on top whether they be macarons, fruit tarts, or in this case chocolate galore!


We were immensely full by the time it came to leave, but it was such a treat and different to any other afternoon tea I’ve had before. There is no strict clothing policy here and so you can have a relaxed or dressed up feel depending on the occasion. It really was a lovely spot for a celebration and I would highly recommend to anyone needing something to do on a London afternoon! Want to find out more? Visit their website here.

IH xo