This weekend arrived out of nowhere and G and I, for once, had nothing planned. We thought we would wait to see what the weather would be like before we committed to doing something inside or out. Well, the weather was on our side and despite a lack of sunshine it was one of the warmest days of the year yet and it finally was feeling like Spring.


Having had it recommended to us a couple of times, we thought we would venture to Broadway Market. I had no idea what to expect but having been to a couple of other markets around the capital, we thought that it would be the perfect Saturday afternoon kind of place.


Walking about 20 minutes from Bethnal Green station through empty roads we suddenly found ourselves in the bustling heart of Hackney. As soon as you turn the corner you see a market full of people from all walks of life with live music in the air. We arrived at about lunch time so the market was at its peak. Over 100 market traders were selling everything from homemade furniture, bunches of flowers, old records, varieties of cheese and so much incredible smelling street-food.


The mild weather meant that in the few open expanses of the market people were reclining in deck chairs, sipping artistic lattes on wooden benches outside edgy coffee shops and eating pizzas in restaurants which had opened their fronts open to the street.


Once we had completed a lap of the market, which is decent in size may I add, we decided that the delicious smells of food were too much and we needed a pit stop for lunch. We found an outside table at ‘The Market’ and it was so refreshing to soak up some Spring air. I had a wild rice, avocado and radish salad, whilst G fuelled up with a burger. Most of the restaurants that are located on this market street are the kind of places where you can order smashed avo on toast, bulgarwheat salads and cocoa nib shakes. Dee-lish!


After lunch we ordered a takeaway coffee from a little market stand and browsed the stalls. There were gorgeous handcrafted baskets, precious stone jewellery, comic cards and artwork in addition to a multitude of vintage clothing. The food stalls were the highlight though, and they provided bystanders with the choice of meringue melts, fresh farm produce, artisan breads, homemade fudge, katsu wraps, fresh coconut water, cakes and lobster burgers. Everything and anything – they had it sorted!



With numerous live bands along the market road it was an upbeat and buzzing venue for an afternoon out. It is such hidden gems that make London special as although they are busy with the others who have discovered it, they are genuine and authentic places to spend time with your friends without having to spend the dollar.


It is open only on Saturdays and runs from 09:00 until 17:00. The amazing sights, smells and sounds from around the world mean that there is something for everyone to enjoy. It was such a gorgeous afternoon and we left arms full of lilies for the flat and a new London love to add to our collection.


To find out more about the market visit their website here.

IH xo