Camden is a unique little part of London.

Teaming with tourists and locals alike it is famed for its market, offering everything from vintage fashion, music, art and a huge variety of street food. What could be better?!


When you leave Camden Town tube station you wander down a street, a warren of punk, old-school and tourist shops – it certainly is an experience. Densely populated though it is, this is a must see part of the Capital and although it can seem very ‘edgy’ it has slowly turned into a tourist spectacle.


A short walk away you’ll find Camden Market, a hub of excitement that is perfect for a day out. Whether it is pop up stalls you want to see, or individual boutiques, you can walk through archways and down alleys to discover different retail outlets. Incense, soaps, leather goods, t-shirts, jewellery, cheese, clocks, artwork, freshly squeezed OJ – you name it, you’ll find it here!


The main spectacle though has to be the food court. Something my dad would absolutely hate, but I love, is street food. Vegan smoothies, lobster brioches, juicy Indian burgers, stone-baked pizzas and falafel and halloumi wraps…there is way too much choice. It takes you a good 20 minutes to have a sneak peak at what is being freshly cooked in each hut, getting tasters as you go around, BUT you can’t make a wrong choice. The only downside is that once you’ve finally decided, finding a seat proves rather tricky. But my tactic is just to stick it out and before long someone has freed up a space (you have to be quick to grab it though!)



Here you can never go hungry because after you’ve indulged once, you no doubt will want to do so twice, or three times over. If not eating at the market use the excuse “I’ll have it later on” to buy something as otherwise you’ll have major regrets. That’s what I did with these incredible doughnuts that are a permanent fixture of Camden Market. Doughnuts you never even knew existed have been created for this little stall, a stone’s throw away from the main food area. I cannot do it justice by writing words so a picture is all you need…


In addition to all of this, there are events hosted here too, from the Fifa World Cup on the big screen, food festivals, reggae roasts, music nights and more. Head to the website here to get tickets or find out more info about what’s going on. The atmosphere is just amazing and there is a true buzz in the air of people from all over the world that have congregated to enjoy some of the best that London has to offer. For anyone visiting London I would recommend this gem with a 5-star review!

IH xo