A new year marks another milestone for us to transform our lives and I’m sure you have heard plenty of ‘new year, new me’ being flung around. Yet, perhaps a better way of starting a positive mindset is by encouraging the best version of yourself, rather than changing so much that you aren’t being true to who you really are.


January is an ideal time, post-Christmas carbs, prosecco and partying to think about resetting yourself, whether that be through detoxing your body, eating clean, not drinking or trying to remember the important things in live. There are so many resolutions that you can take up – but I always think it is important to set realistic goals (even if it means they’re shorter term) rather than being a ‘new me.’

This year I had one incredible Christmas…however I really did feel the effects from all the alcohol, late nights, socialising and mass food (no regrets though…!)


So, this year my ‘resolution’ is to get to a place where I am the best version of myself – mentally and physically.

To do that I have introduced a few things to help me on my way and to kick start my focus on my physical and mental wellbeing.

  • Eating vegetarian food for the month of January (and then increasing it into my usual routine for the rest of the year)
  • Putting aside alcohol for January (and decreasing it generally throughout the year)
  • Completing my first half marathon (hopefully) in May


I have realised that the best way for me to do all of this is slow and steady and so I’m not going to push my body through pain and extremes.


    To kick start the year G and I have decided to do a month of vegetarian eating, to detox our bodies and feel fighting fit. It’s also a chance for me to try loads of new recipes from the 3 veggie cookbooks that I got for Christmas (‘Ottelenghi SIMPLE’ by Yotam Ottolenghi, ‘Veggie Lean in 15’ by Joe Wicks, ‘The Green Roasting Tin’ by Rukmini Iyer). I also hope to introduce veggie eating into G and I’s normal routine throughout the year, not only because I think it will keep us on track with our healthy eating but because I genuinely LOVE all things veggie!



    I am also having a month off drinking alcohol, not necessarily shouting from the rooftops that I’m doing ‘dry Jan’ but more to rebalance myself and give my body a well-deserved rest. Although, I don’t drink much anyway so this is more for me to resist unnecessary temptation if I am out for dinner with friends or go for a post-work drink – water will do for 31 days! I think we can all resonate when I say that I hate the feeling after a night out or having too much wine with dinner. It always takes me more than 24 hours to fully recover: I feel groggy inside, tired and unproductive. For me this year I want to be successful both in and outside of work, in the week and at the weekends. I think decreasing my alcohol consumption will allow me to do that and achieve my goals.



    G and I also signed up to a half marathon in May so this will give us a realistic goal to work towards in getting our fitness back up and doing something positive. It is so easy in London to get carried away with all of the bars and restaurants that are everywhere, and usually this is where G and I spend a lot of our free time. But I want 2019 to be more than spending money and indulging in nice food (obviously that is a treat too!) but I know that working towards and achieving a half marathon will give me such energy and motivation – I literally can’t wait…
    I will also be documenting my training plan and hope to share this with you all on my blog over the upcoming months.


I hope that 2019 brings lots of quality family time, happiness and health to all those that I care about and appreciation for the luck I have in life. G once said to me that ‘you make your own luck’ and I completely agree with him when I look at where I have come as a result of my motivation and from working hard. But I also feel so lucky to have amazing people around me and know that sometimes, as most people do, I take this for granted.

Here’s to a happier and sparklier year!


What are your hopes and goals for 2019? Comment below…

IH xo