Who doesn’t love an instagrammable brunch?

Admittedly, I’m definitely one of those annoying people that has to get the perfect shot of my avo on toast before tucking in. I also am a sucker for a faux-fur throw on a bench, hanging foliage and eucalyptus, or an amazing view. I simply think food tastes better when it looks too good to eat, or you’re surrounded by beautiful scenery. You can probably guess the types of restaurants that are on my bucket list…

Anyways, one of those restaurants has been on my list a while and it’s no shock why. When I first saw Coppa Club’s ‘igloos’ on Instagram I dreamed of the day that I’d be able to get a table (along with the other 50,000 people who want one). For a few years now I’ve casually tried to get a table a couple of hours after they’ve gone live…rooky error!

This year I was determined to enjoy a winter escape in the igloos, no matter what it took. I signed up to notifications on Instagram (which I still have on) for Coppa Club’s latest posts, as they update when bookings go live via a picture upload. When I had the date/time, I set reminders in my calendar, and yes of course it had to be in the middle of a working day…! I briefed G the morning of, as obviously I had to increase my chances of getting a table with multiple attempts. I felt confident.

Long story short, I failed miserably to get a table because I ended up going into a meeting 8 hours after I joined the virtual queue and missed my slot. Sad times… BUT, G saves the day (as per) and manages to book brunch on the first Saturday of January. PERFECT!


G and I invited another couple to come along (my school bestie Lizzie and Alex), and it could not have been more idyllic. Fur throws, hanging foliage and an amazing view (ish) – all those things that I’m a sucker for! We accompanied another table in our igloo so it was quite intimate, but not so much that it was awkward or too quiet. It was also a lot warmer than I thought for a January morning, with a heater inside meaning that we could take our coats off with ease!


I don’t know about the others, but I felt like a bit of a celeb, with people walking past the Thames path, peering in to see what’s going on, and others taking our picture – I don’t blame them, it’s the most insta thing I’ve seen in a long time!


Once we’d settled into our surroundings, it was time for food ie. what we’d actually come here for. Coppa Club is definitely the kind of ‘easy brunch’ place where they have exactly what you want on the menu – avo and eggs for me then! Jokes aside that’s exactly what I had, with the others opting for Lobster Benedict, Short Stack Pancakes and more avo eggs. It was delicious and a truly incredible setting for a memorable Saturday morning. We ordered various coffees and juices and spent 2 hours in the beautiful surroundings of Tower Hill!


Coppa Club open up their igloos throughout all seasons of the year, changing up the décor to match. Winter is always beautifully frosty, cool and chic, whilst summer is often of a relaxed, Moroccan inspired theme with brightly coloured cushions, table linen and gold lanterns. It really is something special and although it was an absolute nightmare booking in, I definitely think it’s worth it and the photos don’t even do it justice! The menu has a large variety of options and doesn’t break the bank which is an added bonus – see their website here for more info. I’ll definitely be trying to get a table in summer, so fingers crossed and hopefully see you all there!


IH xo