What to wear when you want to be cool, but warm, stylish but comfy…? It’s a lot to ask for, no? I have to admit that during lockdown I’ve been searching for items that hit all of these criteria because the UK weather is so intermittent and working from home ‘style’ is quite hard to nail down. So, I’m dedicating this blog post to my love of linen because I’ve come to realise that its pretty marvellous!

Growing up, I felt that linen was reserved for the older generations (soz!) in the form of ill-fitting shirts, straight leg trousers and baggy dresses, all worn in the summer months or when abroad. I think my first linen item was a pair of white baggy trousers I bought for a family holiday to Thailand. It was SO hot, but when visiting the Temples you had to ensure certain body parts were covered and linen seemed the best choice to not overheat. I’ll admit it did the job, but was I a style icon? Absolutely not…

Anyway, fast forward 10 years later and the love of linen has extended to high-street retailers and online marketplaces and is now considered by younger generations as ‘goals’. In fact, flowy linen outfits, dried Pampas grass and beige ‘everything’ is so in right now. Just go to your Instagram feed and you’ll see those aesthetically pleasing colours everywhere whether it’s on a fashion page or a home interior site.

My favourite place to find inspo at the moment is Pinterest – if you don’t have an account I’d highly recommend! You only need to look at the photos in this blog post to see what I mean. And when it comes to linen – these images just go to show how easy and effortless it looks as a fashion staple. It really does make you wonder why on earth we put up with the rubbish British weather, when there’s destinations like Australia, California and Italy – where people can walk around in linen crop tops, cute little co-ords and casual dresses all day every day.

So, when it comes to linen there are a few reasons why people love it. None of them are particularly ‘new’ or groundbreaking, but as with all trends – they go and always come back!

As I’ve mentioned – linen is good when it’s hot! But why? As a fabric its absorbent and dries pretty quickly meaning that it’s better to wear in warmer climates when you may be prone to a bit of sweat. Many linen garments nowadays are oversized or floaty which also mean they’re more suited to this weather – you get to feel the air waft through! I’m feeling beach dresses, shirts you can tie at the front and short pyjamas at night…

My love of linen also has something to do with the fact that quite frankly I hate ironing. It’s the worst chore out there and so the fact that linen has a tendency to ‘wrinkle’ (and this is considered part of its charm) is a big win! From duvet covers to my linen shirts – wash, flick, hang on a drying rack and you’re good to go! If anything it looks like you’re trying too hard if you iron them to perfection!

Lastly I think linen is super timeless. If you’re looking for some pieces to add to your capsule wardrobe that won’t date and that you’ll continue to look amazing in – linen is such a good shout. Whether it’s a smart two-piece suit, a beach coverup, or an A-line mini skirt, this material looks good however you style it. Linen owns its texture and the classic, natural look means that you can continue to enjoy wearing it season after season. It also spans across the generations – being something that both young and old look good in. I usually opt for the paler and more natural colours when purchasing linen items as think they look cleaner, more sophisticated and very ‘Tuscany’. But with that said, there are some amazing pieces out there for those of you who’d prefer a pop of colour – like this gorgeous green dress below (scroll down to see a similar one you can purchase!)

Below I’ve dug out some of my favourite linen pieces to hopefully give you a bit of inspiration and to show you that it’s not just reserved for your grandparents! H&M and & Other Stories have some amazing pieces this season that not only are incredibly priced, but are super flattering for all body shapes. In particular, there’s a lot of high-waisted paperbag or A-line shorts, midi wrap dresses and ‘jogger’ style trousers…

Enjoy browsing!

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