I love going all out with my make-up, but I usually only do that when I’ve got a big event or I’m going out for the night. Other times when I’m heading out for a stroll, having brunch or just want to pop a bit of make-up on, it’s all about the face base. I can get by without heaps of eye shadow, eyeliner and mascara, but I really love when my skin feels flawless and my cheeks are glowing. With that said, I don’t ‘paint’ on the foundation, but prefer a more natural look with the necessary coverage.

With all of this cold weather that December has brought us, I also like to protect my skin from the sharp winds and frost. Although many ‘non make-up wearers’ out there claim foundation etc. is bad for your skin, I actually believe that in moderation it is quite the opposite. This is because make-up is a great barrier between the harsh weather and your skin. It protects your face from wind burn, redness and dry patches that can all be caused or heightened by being outside on a frosty day. You must make sure thought that when the day is done, you take all products off properly using toner, cleanser and moisturiser as leaving excess on over night can cause your pores to clot and the dirt can lead to blemishes.

So with Christmas nearly here, I’ll give you my month’s best products so you can do some last minute hinting! This December it is all about the face base and giving yourself that natural glow!

My December Picks:

  1. Silk Crème Moisturizing Photo Edition Foundation by Laura Mercier


    Finding a good foundation is one of the hardest beauty challenges that a girl will face. Some are way too thick, some react badly with your skin and others don’t cover even the tiniest of blemishes.
    I’ve been through a lot of foundations, and whilst I have enjoyed trialing different brands I have bought and re-bought this Laura Mercier foundation multiple times. I believe that this is the one.
    This product gives medium-to-full coverage with a natural, luminous finish, which is perfect for all of those who prefer a dewy look (I definitely do). It really is a long lasting foundation that hydrates, moisturizes and protects your skin.
    Whether it is selfies, videos, special events or everyday wear this flawless foundation evens skin tone, smooths texture and is easily blendable. I apply primer before use and you can build the layers so whether you want an all-out glam base, or a more natural finish, this product allows you to have both.
    This product is specifically for normal to dry skin types, so if you have an oilier complexion try their ‘Silk Crème Oil Free’ version. Both foundations have the perfect balance of coverage, protection and hydration that can give you your ideal face base.

  2. Gel Sculpt Silhouette by Illamasqua


    Contouring is now the norm for every make-up routine and I’ve tried and tested so many contouring kits and tutorials that I now know simplicity is key. You cannot beat a contouring stick.
    Gel Sculpt in Silhouette by Illamasqua was a Christmas present last year and at the time I did not think much of it. Now it is a staple piece of my make-up bag. This unique gel stick gives you subtle definition on your cheekbones, jawline, nose and hair line that can be blended with ease. It can glide directly onto your skin or applied with a fan brush to the desired areas. It is quite a wet product so I prefer to apply with a brush as to not ruin my base layer of primer/foundation/bronzer.
    I find contour sticks the best way to create a glam look because it is quick, effective and you just cannot get it wrong. There are so many kits out there that have multiple colours and tones but with a gel stick you can use alongside all of your usual products and apply the contour lines at the end wherever you feel you need that little bit more.

  3. Brushes by Mac


    From left to right – 190, 217, 130, 168 [Excuse the dirty brushes!]

    190 – If you are still using your fingers to apply foundation just stop right now. Foundation goes on so much better with a brush and you can apply it smoothly, evenly and get into all the small hollows and pores of your face. This brush is the longest serving make-up tool I own and is one I could not do without. I usually put a small amount of foundation onto the back of my hand and use this brush to apply, distribute and blend the product into all areas of the face. This is an essential brush to have for all beauty fixes.
    217 – This easy-to-use blending brush is perfect for eye shadows, both powders and creams. The fine, densely packed fibres are arranged in an oval shape and is medium sized to allow you to blend the whole of the lid easily. Because it is not a stiff brush you can effortlessly blend products to create a smokey, natural look.
    130 – I first needed this brush to play around with contouring techniques, but since then I use this brush for much more. This flat-topped tool is ideal for smooth, easy application of foundations, creams and a few powder products. I use to blend when using my contour and beach blush sticks and it always seems to be useful for beauty mishaps and last minute touch-ups.
    168 – After my cheap powder brush had decided to turn into a matted ball, I was in desperate need of a brush to apply bronzer and blush to my cheekbones. As I have mentioned more than once that I am all about the glowing cheeks, this is the brush to do the job. With a large angular head, you are able to easily apply powders to your face with a sweeping motion towards your ears. The angled fibres mean you get the right technique every time and it is so soft which is the best quality of a good beauty face tool.
  4. NEW: The Celestial Bronzing Beil by Kevyn Aucoin


    This gorgeous bronzer comes in two tones, Tropical Days and Tropical Nights, of which I have the former. This warm, multi-purpose compact powder is ideal for bronzing, highlighting and for eye shadow – so even though it is more expensive that your average high street bronzer, you are basically getting 3 products in 1!
    Both the gold highlight and the warmer copper tones allow you to sculpt the face to create a sun-kissed, glowing look. At the moment everyone seems to be moving away from really dark smokey eyes and are opting for a golden hue instead. So, this is the perfect product to achieve those #cheekbonegoals.
    I use this product on my cheeks after applying primer, foundation and Hoola (which I use as an all-over bronzer). Using the 168 brush by Mac (above) I blend back towards the ears on my cheeks, dust across my T-zone, nose and chin for a natural glow.
    I am a great lover of bronzer, however this product does not need to be generously applied, as it is extremely effective with a swish of a brush. Kevyn Aucoin products are the ultimate luxury, with their sleek packaging, sexy branding and top of the range products, everything feels and looks indulgent. Definitely a product for the present list, it will always be one of my guilty pleasures!

Until next year!

IH xo