Waking up in the morning can go one of two ways – either you feel F R E S H and ready to go, or you feel like you’ve had about 2 hours sleep, you want to hide under your duvet and never open your eyes again… know the feeling?

Since working from home, I’ve been getting a lot more sleep than I usually do. That’s not because in London I go to bed super late or anything – in fact I am usually in bed for 10:30pm. It does mean however, that I don’t have to commute and so can have an extra hour of sleep without feeling guilty. I’m also managing to squeeze in 30 minutes of yoga too – I’m a new woman and feeling more refreshed than ever!

I wear make-up most days for work and enjoy doing so, I feel put together and ready to face the world. When I work from home though, I feel like it’s a good excuse to let my skin breathe and take a time out – feeding it the nutrients, fresh air and love it needs to balance out.

I wanted to share with you a few new products I’ve been trying out and which I have now fallen in love with! They were delivered to my door by John Lewis & Partners in their Spring ‘Beauty Box’ available exclusively to MyJL members when they spend over £100 in beauty (and yes it wasn’t difficult to do that once I’d restocked on my favourite perfume!)

They had 14 delicious goodies for me to try out – 7 for morning/day and 7 for evening / winding down (My ‘Goodnight, Sleep Tight’ skincare routine is coming soon…). Today I’m bringing you my ‘Rise and Shine’ skincare routine, with 6 amazing products that range from every day prices, to a little more on the spenny side. Put it this way, I already know what’s on my Christmas list!

The first time I used these products and on the days since, my skin has been quite literally glowing (to the point where G even notices how dewy and clear my skin is!) My skin feels hydrated, firm, full of goodness and smells so sweet and scrumptious that I keep being reminded throughout the day that I’ve got product on. No exaggeration when I say that I feel like I’ve been walking round all day with that ‘post-facial’ feeling (you know the zen and content feeling when you can’t help but smile to yourself…?) THAT good!

With that said, I don’t use all these products every day because (and this might be a completely psychological reason) I don’t want my skin to get completely ‘used’ to’ these products, meaning I can’t not wear them. I know when restrictions lift I’ll start wearing a bit more makeup and these products I think are best when you want a fresh, natural face to allow them to truly work their magic. Combined with make-up I can imagine it might feel on the heavy side and I’d be walking round with 15 products on my face!

Instead of opting for the whole ‘Rise and Shine’ skincare routine though, you can pick and choose which products you use on a more regular basis. I save the skin berry oil-cocktail for non-makeup days, but I’ve been using the facial cream and serum a lot more regularly. You need to test a few out and see what works for your skin. I also have some other firm favourite skincare products listed in my ‘Skincare Miracles 101’ post – so go and check them out!

I’m always up for trying new products and think one of the best ways to hear about them and get a REAL review is through recommendations. So, comment below and I’d love to hear from you!

I’ve linked all the products below (*this is not a paid ad*)

REN ‘Perfect Canvas Clean Jelly Oil Cleanser’

At first, this product was a bit of a surprise. I’ve never used a jelly/oil cleanser before – I’m used to ones that foam up with water! You use this on dry skin and it really does go on like silk. Wash it off with warm water and although you expect to have a sticky layer of oil left on your skin, instead it feels clean, soft and healthy. The perfect base for a morning!

Erno Laszlo Hydraphel Skin Supplement, 200ml

This hydrating toner is the perfect next step in this routine. It feels fresh and calming, without being heavy or acidic. Instead of feeling like your skin is stretched, your face is left feeling firm and cool. Apply with a cotton pad and swipe across your whole complexion.

Caudalie Resveratrol Lift Face Lifting Moisturiser Broad Spectrum SPF20

This product is super soft (if you can describe a serum in that way…) Add a small amount to your finger tips and gently apply over your face and into your neck. Skin feels fully moisturised and (not that I have any wrinkles to complain about at the age of 24) definitely leaves your skin feeling smooth and bright.

Lumene Nordic-C Arctic Berry Oil-Cocktail

Another unique product that I haven’t seen anything like before. This super cute oil instantly makes you think of drinking piña coladas on the beach (perhaps it’s in the name…). Once shaken, this oil can serve to truly brighten your day and give you the glow you deserve. Packed with all the essentials, this concoction saves your skin from any dryness. Applied with your fingertips, this can go all over the face and neck, but I like to gently press into the drier areas of my skin for an instant boost.

Evolve Organic Beauty Daily Renew Facial Cream

This facial cream smells amazing! Unlike some other moisturisers I’ve tried out, this is on the thicker side. So, if you prefer something light I’d stay clear. With that said, you only need the smallest amount to really secure all the goodness of this routine in, which I find sometimes the lighter creams don’t do as well. This product definitely goes a long way and so is really good value. Apply with your fingertips and once you’ve smoothed over your face you will definitely feel as though you’ve locked in the other products and ready to start the day.

Dermalogica Biolumin-C Eye Serum

To top it all off – use this eye serum from Dermalogica. I’ve never been one to use lots of eye cream but this cool serum is a good pick-me-up and leaves eyes genuinely feeling brighter, hydrated and more awake. This is exactly what you want out of a ‘Rise and Shine’ Skincare Routine, right?


IH xo