The beauty industry is forever growing and the number of products out there are increasing on a daily basis. No wonder we are all stumped when faced with the challenging task of choosing a cleanser or moisturiser – there are hundreds to choose from…!

When I knew that I was moving down to London in September I became worried about my skin. From the fresh air of Yorkshire, to the pollution and city life of London I knew that getting the tube every day, walking through bustling streets and the heat of a faster pace lifestyle would definitely have some sort of an impact on my health and skin.

Everyone gets spots and blemishes and everyone deals with them in different ways. It is a natural process whereby your pores get clogged with dead skin cells, oils and dirt. On a small, every-day level they are nothing to worry about and after 3-4 days have usually disappeared. But nobody likes having ‘bad’ skin (when I say ‘bad’ this is, of course, a completely subjective term) and many people indeed feel self-conscious about it.

Instead of leaving it to chance when I came to London I invested in some products which I believe are miracle workers. I didn’t buy them all in one go as I think it is important to get professional skincare advice and experiment with various brands and products to see what types of solutions work for you. Similarly, we all react differently to products no matter whether you have an ‘oily’, ‘dry’ or ‘combi’ skin type – so even if you have the same skin type as me, these products may not do the trick. All I can do is recommend!

Starting with ‘Clean & Clear’ when I was a pre/early teen, I only ever bought products that were below £10 from the local high-street – who would ever be silly enough to spend more than that on a clear liquid?! Well err…me, now!

In the height of puberty, spots became a regular occurrence for me nd I knew that I needed something better to combat these imperfections. I think I got my first ‘Clarins’ product for Christmas after my GCSEs and they have a really great set of products to suit young skin called the Daily Energiser Range. I used their cleanser and moisturiser for a good few years and absolutely loved them. They were refreshing and boosted radiance and vitality for a glowing, healthy-looking skin.

Back then, I liked things to match and would not dare have products from different brands. Yet, now I am a fully-fledged adult I have in fact learnt that this is completely the wrong way to go… It would be impossible for one brand to perfect every single product!


So, without further delay I’ll show you my top skincare must-haves that I use on a regular basis. But as I’ve mentioned these are ‘must-haves’ for me, and everyone should go on their own skincare journey to discover which products work best for them to get the results you want! I just hope that this article is a little nudge in the right direction for you and I’d be more than happy to answer any questions if you’re interested in buying any of the products or want to know more about the effects they have!

  1. Decléor Paris – Phytopeel Exfoliating Cream

    Available at
    RRP £30


    This is a peel-away face mask that I was recommended by skincare specialists at Ragdale Hall. You apply a layer of the product, pat it into your skin and allow to dry before exfoliating gently with your hand whilst holding the skin tight. The mask peels off and your skin is left instantly more radiant.

  2. Clarins Paris – Gentle Foaming Cleanser with cottonseed for normal/combination skin

    Available at
    RRP £20


    Lather this product onto damp skin and rinse with either cool water in the morning, or warm water in the evening. It is a cleanser that you can really feel after use, with your skin tighter and brighter. It literally leaves you feeling squeaky clean.

  3. Dior – Micellar Water – No Rinse Cleanser

    Available at
    RRP £27


    This is such an easy product to use on your face and eyes for all skin types. With a cotton pad you apply 2 pumps of this cleanser and you are able to get rid of any lasting dirt or makeup. It is a soft product that is not harsh on your skin and leaves you feeling hydrated and refreshed. I use this cleanser every day because it does exactly what it says and there is no hassle with washing it off with water – plus it lasts for absolutely ages!

  4. Charlotte Tilbury – Magic Cream

    Available at
    RRP £70


    Charlotte’s Magic Cream was on my wish-list for a very, very, very long time. Every time I went shopping with my mum I made overly obvious hints, yet it never seemed to find its way into my Christmas stocking or birthday present pile. It is on the expensive side but I absolutely love it. Not only do I use this before bedtime after I have cleansed to hydrate my skin, but also before I apply makeup (Wonderglow especially) as it makes your skin dewy with an instant glow.

  5. Decléor Paris – Aromessence Encens Nourishing Body Oil

    Available at
    RRP £45


    Not a product to use specifically for your face, this Body Oil can be massaged into arms, legs and body for a divine session of ‘me’ time. I use this product about once a week and I don’t just lather it on after a shower. No. I have to put on my white fluffy dressing gown and cashmere socks, I have to make myself a hot drink and I have to light some candles. This product only comes out when G is out and I can have a timeout on life. It has an incredible scent that sends you to a remote luxury spa and feels silky on your skin so your whole body feels pampered and stress free.


Let me know if you have any favourite skincare products to recommend, I am always open to test more out!

IH xo