Does anyone else get that mid-week slump, where you wake up and realise that last weekend seems like a distance memory and the weekend approaching feels too far away to be excited?

Well, I do!

My job at the moment requires me to work every other weekend and that means on the Wednesday pre my weekend in work, I am looking towards the next few days knowing that it will be tougher than usual. That’s not to say I ‘dread’ it – I absolutely love my job, but naturally when my friends and family all have fun weekend plans and I’m catching the 08:00 tube into Central London for an 11-hour shift, I can’t help but feel a little bit ‘meh’ (that’s the only real way to describe it). Buuuuut, I go for it anyway and life carries on…

However, I’ve now discovered the best mid-week pick up that will get you feeling energised, fresh and raring to go.

Sunrise yoga at the Sky Gardens in the City of London…

Well, unfortunately for us the weather was absolutely miserable and the smog/fog/cloud/rain meant that little was to be seen in terms of a skyline. However, the whole experience was incredible and I had the best morning, finishing just in time for work at 09:00. I would highly recommend!

My alarm was set for 05:15 and surprisingly I was not tired when it came to getting out of bed – usually I have to snooze the alarm at least three times before I can open one eye. I think it was because I was so excited and had been planning to do this yoga class with a girlfriend for months as it was my birthday present from her in September.

I made my way to Bank and then trudged through the rain with my yoga mat to the Sky Gardens, where I met my friends. We took the elevator up to the 36th floor and stepped out into an open expanse of a rooftop that felt like a huge greenhouse with a glass exterior and a multitude of jungle-like horticulture.

We made our way to the top of the rooftop to the City Garden and laid our mats out on the floor. As I mentioned, the weather was awful so where we should have been able to see the whole of London beneath us, was cloud with the slight outline of a few buildings. It was a shame but either way – REALLY cool!

The actual yoga session was an hour long, starting at 06:30 with a professional instructor. It is set amongst the Sky Garden’s tropical greenery and on a good day you should have a backdrop of amazing city views. The class itself was challenging at times but you can opt in/out of certain moves and go at your own pace meaning that it is suitable for all abilities. We did everything from the warrior stance, to the child pose, cobra, triangle and downward dog with everything else in between.

Having only done one yoga session before on holiday, I was sceptical as to whether I would love it as much as the hype. I’d got all the gear (yoga pants and a bright pink mat), but no idea! I’ve always laughed at the idea of ‘being at one with yourself’ through practices such as yoga, but this experience really highlighted to myself that I do not get enough ‘me’ time in my day-to-day life. It was the first time in ages that I had stopped the busy hustle of work and had time to think in my own space, in my own time about my life and reflect on everything that has been going on around me.


Once the session had finished I took a few deep breaths and really felt the positive energy inside of me. I felt ready to channel all that positivity into my day and so it was the perfect way to begin a Wednesday, ridding my body and mind of that unwanted ‘mid-week slump’.

But the morning did not stop there, once we had packed up our things we headed to the Darwin Brasserie for a spot of breakfast. If you attend the yoga session you can get a £10 continental buffet breakfast with tea, coffee and juice included. There were cold meats, cheeses and salad on offer, as well as a selection of pastries, yoghurt, granola, cereals, nuts, fresh and dried fruit and an assortment of sauces (honey, Nutella etc.) It was the D R E A M.

I opted for a mix of everything, not wanting to miss anything out as it all looked delicious. We sat in the light-flooded glass restaurant and were now able to see the city of London outside with the fog lifting slightly, in time with us sitting down to indulge. It was a blissful morning and I could have stayed there all day long.

To find out more information about Sunrise Yoga at the Sky Gardens visit their website here.

IH xo