So Christmas has been and gone, but that does not for one second mean that the winter festivities have to end…

In fact, most of London’s winter entertainment is still going strong.

 Admittedly, whatever the season, month or day, London always has things to fill your time and in fact, most of those things we don’t even know exist (but that’s the fun of it right?!) I quite often see posts on social media advertising quirky and unique things that are happening all around the country and even the world. This is where I saw ‘The Snow Kingdom’.


Backyard Cinema started with a group of mates watching films quite literally in the ‘back yard’ and has grown into a popular destination for seeing some of the most loved films that the world has to offer. Whether it is reclining in a deck chair in Camden Lock or battling through a zombie apocalypse, Backyard Cinema provides you with an immersive and alternative cinema experience that uses set builds, actors and even live music for some of their shows.

So, when date night came around I booked G and I tickets for the Snow Kingdom, unsure of what to expect.

 Aladdin vs. Star Wars: Rogue One…

Which to choose?

Those of you who know me will know that I dislike Star Wars. I don’t really know why but it is probably the bottom of my list when it comes to choosing films. I am just not overwhelmed by the whole space thing, hairy aliens and people shooting constantly with red light beams. But G loves it. And I love G. So I chose Star Wars as his surprise.


Having never ventured to Borough before, we caught the tube early so that we could wander around the Italian market, Mercato Metropolitano, which is where the Snow Kingdom is located. Buzzing with a huge variety of street food and venders, the small market twists and turns, strung with fairy lights, wooden tables and benches and fur throws. It is a winter paradise offering everything form homemade Italian ice-cream, crêpes, Lebanese wraps, handmade ravioli, burgers and stone-baked pizzas. The vibe is incredible and I can imagine in the lead up to Christmas that it is a place like no other.

Once you have finished gorging yourself on food and drinks in the market (I’d recommend the chocolate crêpe!) you can turn your attention to the highlight of the evening – the cinema.


Hidden away in the corner of the market, all you see is a grey ‘rock’ wall with a small circular entrance door. Once the doors open an hour and a half before the film starts you are handed a lantern and allowed to venture into the Snow Kingdom. Leading up some steps into a snowy cavern with a wooden bridge, water pool and lights we made our way across to the big wooden door on the other side of the water. There we entered into our base for the evening. The set was magical and giving everyone props made the experience even more immersive. The only downside was that the lead up was not as long as I had hoped, as I was more excited about that than the actual film!


Either way it was still a unique setting and once inside we were shown to our section and choose our beanbags for the night. The whole room was made to look and feel like an old winter castle, utilising lights and props on stage such as armour, stain glassed windows, banners, old books and a thrown. It was definitely unlike any cinema I had ever been to and made the evening that little bit more special.


As with all film watching snacks and drinks are an essential. But never fear, with a bar at the back serving ‘Winter Warmers’ throughout the show, I indulged in a hot chocolate with salted caramel rum and G’s was cookie dough flavoured. There was popcorn on offer and a variety of sweets, drinks and other snacks too. I happily returned to my seat with drink and a huge blanket in hand (which they give out for free) to snuggle up in and waited for the film to start…


To find out more about Backyard Cinema visit there website here, but be sure to book early as tickets sell out fast! Definitely worth it for a cinematic night to remember…even I thought Star Wars was alright!

IH xo