Not everyone can be 100{21d6c94c09fbed4c14ccdfce2309b4b0d9ae47d742ed8376a3051ebf34fc8e96} all of the time and that is most definitely okay – you just need to recognise when you need a little TLC. Gloomy weather doesn’t help the positive mental attitude either, but by occasionally treating yourself or having a timeout you can really improve your mental wellbeing. That’s why I always feel completely refreshed and rejuvenated after a holiday of lying on a beach, soaking up vitamin D and having some good quality me time.


So, I decided it was time to treat myself (and G)!

I’d looked online for last minute spa days and everything that came up were ‘OTT’ packages either in London’s most expensive boutique hotels, or in locations where you just knew that you’d end up not getting a lounger, a seat in the jacuzzi or be able to go for a nice relaxing swim without having to dodge millions of people in the pool.



After trawling the internet for a good few hours I found the Intercontinental at the O2. At 24 hours’ notice they had space for a 30 minute ‘Back, Shoulder and Head Massage’, as well as an incredibly priced ‘day pass’ rate so G could come along too. I didn’t really know much about the hotel or the spa, and quite frankly I was desperate so I booked us in.


Well, I can tell you I do not regret panic booking. We’ve arrived at the spa at about 10am on Sunday morning and nobody was there. I had my treatment first thing so was shown upstairs to have some tea before my massage. Even the waiting room was beautifully designed with refreshments, magazines, water features and marble floors. I knew I was in for a treat of a day!


My massage was absolutely blissful and completely melted away all my tension and stress. I always have to make a conscious effort not to fall asleep during massages or facials and this was no different because it was just what I had been hoping for when I wanted to book a spa day. They used beautiful oils that smelt of that incredible ‘spa smell’ that cannot be recreated fully anywhere else (if you know, you know).




After my treatment I spent 15 minutes in the ‘Relaxation Lounge’ all to myself before heading downstairs to the changing rooms. I changed into my swimming costume, a white fluffy robe and slippers – perfect attire for a Sunday morning. G was waiting in the pool area and to our surprise it was unusually quiet which meant that, bar a couple of people, we had the place to ourselves. Calm water to swim in, empty hydrotherapy pool to try out and a sauna and steam room too.


We spent a good few hours chatting, reading and resting, swimming in the pool, hydrating with water and having that good quality relaxation time that we both so needed.



It was bliss.


At about 2:30pm we were getting a bit peckish so we decided to get dressed and head up to the Meridian Lounge for lunch. The food was amazing and the perfect refreshment after a tough morning!

I enjoyed ‘Roasted vegetables, red pepper hummus, falafel and rocket leaves on a spinach wrap, whilst G had ‘Warm tomato focaccia stuffed with creamy burrata cheese, plum tomatoes and rocket leaves’.


I would highly recommend the spa at the o2 Intercontinental – amazing value for money for a day pass and a treatment, with beautiful interiors and design, as well as being that little bit further out of central London meaning that the hotel was empty (I imagine most people staying there do so after a concert on a Saturday night!)


Find out more information on their website here.

Do you have any other recommendations of spas in London, or elsewhere for that matter? I’m always looking for new places to try and escapes for the weekend – comment below or message me as I’d love to hear from you!

IH xo