When lockdown forced the world to live within the confines of their homes in March, loungewear sales sky-rocketed, people let their skin breathe without make-up for the first time in months and underwired bras were a thing of the past. However, fast forward three or four months and what seemed to be a tracksuit trend to stay has evolved into something we could have never imagined…

‘No pain, no gain’ – a phrase commonly used in the fashion world that takes me back to a Friday night out with the girls in the city, glammed up with high heels that I can’t stand up in for longer than 30 minutes… oh the pain. If anything from isolation continues back into ‘normal life’ (whenever that may be), please please let it be flats a.k.a. comfort. I’ve enjoyed it more than I dare admit and it’s saved me a lot of stress, time and blisters!

But what happens when comfort meets style and it actually becomes a thing? The best words I’ve ever heard in my life – ‘nap dress’, yes quite simply an actual dress that you can nap in…!

No, I haven’t made it up. In fact it’s a term that Emily Cronin, Senior Fashion Editor at the Telegraph, uses in her article on ‘why a nap dress is about to become your new summer staple’. Look to any high-street or designer brand now and you’ll see them everywhere. Actually, it was Zara’s infamous spotty number last year that saw ‘breathable’ or ‘breezable’ dresses become the new norm, and aren’t we all glad that the trend has continued. And whilst last year seemed to be full of bright colours and bold patterns – this year’s Instagram newsfeed is rife with ‘nightgown’ style maxis that make you doubletake to check whether its advertising actual PJs or something acceptable for brunch.  

Hence the term – nap dress.

But really, this genius invention is somewhat perfect for the conditions we find ourselves living in today. Whether you’re rolling out of bed at 8:55am (because commuting to the kitchen only takes 5 minutes), you need something that is suitable for the garden (but also Insta snaps with your girlfriends), or you need to look mildly appropriate for work Zoom calls (but cannot face jeans digging into your lockdown stomach for 8 hours straight) – a ‘chuck-it-on-and-your-done’ dress sounds rather appealing.

Who knew that these long, billowy dresses (that used to be described as ‘sack’ or ‘bin bag’-like), scraping your hair back into a low bun (to hide the fact you’ve been using dry shampoo for multiple days in a row) and throwing on a pair of chunky gold hoops (that used to be mocked as ‘Vicky Pollard’-esque) could be the new, chic look that everyone is trying to replicate?

I’ll happily admit I’ve joined the ‘nap dress’ bandwagon and paired with ‘ugly sandals’ that everyone is now raving about – it’s been a pretty comfy summer so far!

So, ladies if I haven’t convinced you enough, let the dresses themselves do the talking. I’ve picked out my favourite Asos pieces for you to browse. Whilst it perhaps doesn’t feel right to replace your homemade ‘tie-dye’ fruit of the loom jumper with a dress every day, I promise you won’t regret purchasing one of these multi-use dresses that will definitely see you through the Great British Summer!

Let me know your favourite dress in the comments below and to see my other summer must-have items head over to my DREAM shopping list ‘here’!

  1. Asos Design Square Neck Prairie Maxi Dress
prairie maxi dress from asos
  1. Asos Design Maxi Dress with Kimono Sleeve
maxi dress with kimono sleeves
  1. Asos Design Tiered Cotton Smock Maxi Dress with Lace Inserts
smock maxi dress with lace inserts
  1. Miss Selfridge Angel Sleeve Maxi Dress in Mint
angel sleeve maxi dress in mint
  1. Skylar Rose Belted Maxi Dress with Tiered Skirt
Skylar maxi dress with tiered skirt
  1. Pieces Maxi Sundress with Tiered Skirt
maxi sundress with tiered skirt
  1. Pull&Bear Tiered Midi Dress in Yellow Floral Print
maxi dress in yellow ditsy print
  1. Asos Design Plait Neck Rust Tie Dye Maxi Dress
rust tie dye maxi dress
  1. Only Milk Maid Maxi Dress in Pink Ditsy Floral
milk maid maxi dress in pink ditsy floral
  1. Sister Jane Maxi Smock Dress with Tiered Skirt
sister Jane smock dress with tiered skirt