So I’ve been working from home for nearly 12 months now – I can’t believe we’ve been living in this madness for so long! However, if there’s one thing for certain I’ve got ‘comfort’ dressing down to a T. When I log onto my daily Zoom calls and see the odd person with a full face of makeup, the most fashionable attire – for a split second I mentally commend them for looking so fab and question whether I should make more of an effort… Then I remember my stretchy waistband and my ability to sit on my WFH chair in ANY position whilst maintaining all aspects of comfort. There are no regrets. And what can I flaunt instead…? Well, I’ve discovered the comfiest leggings of all time and I think that’s a pretty decent feat…

I’ve lived in leggings and/or ‘yoga pants’ (from PINK) for a long, long time now – everything about them is just easy. The athleisure trend has also gone from strength to strength, with 2020 seeing an absolute BOOM in sales with everyone wanting to dress comfortably at home, look their best for their at-home workouts and maintain some level of sophistication whilst on their daily walks. I bought a couple of pairs of tracksuit bottoms from Topshop in early lockdown 1.0 which admittedly I’ve worn a lot, paired with a £5 white, strappy crop top that has now seen better days. I’ve also gone through 3 pairs of slippers (I’m on a very fancy pair that my grandparents got me for Christmas – ugg sliders – see below picture/link!!) and have invested in a couple more unnecessary oversized knits to see me through sub-zero temperatures this winter whilst sat at my desk all day. 

However, I felt the need to dedicate this blog post to a specific purchase, that after 25 years has solved all of life’s worries (well, perhaps not – but it certainly has helped!). The comfiest leggings of all time…

I bring to you Athleta’s Salutation Stash Pocket 7/8 Leggings (perhaps not the catchiest of names, but remember this name – you’ll need it!)

These leggings are both supportive/firm (keeping you all sucked in and in check), yet heavenly soft and stretchy. They aren’t too thin, rendering them see-through – instead are made from what they describe as ‘buttery’ (and now I can’t get that word out of my head) Powervita fabric. They have a high rise waistband, few seams, side pockets and have the added benefits of being quick-drying, sweat-wicking and with UPF 50+ rating for added protection. I didn’t actually know any of these ‘facts’ when I treated myself to this purchase, I only felt the ‘buttery’ fabric and I was completely and utterly SOLD. 

The only downside (which I completely understand having owned this pair for 5 months) is the price – they’re spenny, coming in at just under £100. But, my god do I realise their worth now, and I’ve actually just treated myself to the same pair in black (previously got the sage green pair as in the photos!) They are a true luxury, but one that you won’t regret. You’ll get more out of them than just a couple of yoga sessions or studio sessions (which is what they’re designed for). I actually would challenge you not to wear these every day – which I practically do. They’re also the perfect travel outfit and my first outing in them was Stanstead Airport when I went to Istanbul in September – it was the most comfortable and stylist I’ve ever looked on a plane!

The way I justified it to myself, was that after I completed 100 days of consecutive yoga with my mum during lockdown I would treat myself to a new yoga outfit. I spotted the matching sage green set in John Lewis Oxford Street and had heard Athleta was a new brand that they launched in the summer. I’ve got other fab leggings from Sweaty Betty and Lululemon which I use for running/spinning/boxing, but these are on another level when it comes to comfort and lifestyle. As soon as I felt the fabric, realised their quality and tried them on I did not look back (sounds dramatic doesn’t it? But honestly I rate these leggings so much and simply want to share the love!)

So, perhaps it is strange that I’ve dedicated a whole blog post to this one item but I just had to because it felt like such an accomplishment that I’d found the comfiest leggings of all time! To discover the whole of Athleta’s range, visit John Lewis here (their exclusive UK partner). They do the most gorgeous pieces from chic oversized hoodies, matching coords and luxe loungewear – it’s a brand to remember when you’re next looking to treat yourself.

Thank me later…

IH xo