Tucked away down Lennox Garden Mews, is the inconspicuous door of Dinings SW3, my Valentine’s surprise!

G always plans the most perfect night for the 14th of Feb, and whilst some people don’t like Valentine’s Day claiming that it’s too ‘coupley’ or ‘cringey’, I’ll admit I love it. A day wholly dedicated to romance and love that is celebrated all over the world – I’m a true romantic and a sucker for a candle lit dinner for two! I also just think it’s a really nice excuse to spend some quality time with your partner (or even your friends!!) which sometimes you can take for granted in the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Set in the heart of Chelsea, Dinings SW3 is an intimate restaurant that boasts some of the best sushi I’ve ever eaten and not to mention the miso aubergine (I’ll come to that later…)

The entrance leads into a small bar, before opening up to a cosy, two-tiered restaurant with open kitchen, relaxed but cool interior and low chairs and tables. We began with a glass of champagne and edamame beans (it’s was quickly a winner in my eyes) before taking in the menu.

Dinings SW3 has introduced a new style of Izakaya dining (the traditional Japanese style of cuisine) with a tapas menu. Sharing food is some of my favourite, but there’s always a question over how much to order… luckily, we got it pretty spot on which left us with just enough room for dessert, whilst also striking the right balance of sushi and other bites on the menu!

Little Gem Lettuce Salad – Onion and wasabi vinaigrette

Lobster Slider – Yuzu aioli and Tofu – Cherry Tomato, tomato miso 

Nasu-Miso – Double cooked aubergine, caramelized sweet miso

Double Crab (snow crab & soft shell crab) Open Sushi Roll – Cress salad, yuzu garlic vinaigrette

Shrimp Tempura Inside Out Roll – Crispy tempura flakes, taramo sauce

Dark Chocolate Fondant Tart – Valhrona flourless fondant served with Nikka from the barrel whiskey ice cream

Mochi Ice Cream – Vanilla, toffee sauce

I’m not kidding when I say that the aubergine was one of the best things I’ve ever eaten (up there with the Goring tomato salad I ate for G’s birthday in 2018!). It was cooked to perfection, was flavoured impeccably and I could have eaten in 5 times over. A dish I certainly won’t forget and an absolute MUST if you decide to head here. Soft, gooey, salty but sweet… the list could go on!

The sushi was also up there with the best sushi I’ve had – perfectly rolled and presented, but equally as delicious with the right ratio of filling to rice. Exquisite!

For pudding I was surprised when I thought I’d ordered vanilla ice cream and toffee sauce – I’d missed (or was completely ignorant) to the first word: ‘mochi’ – which is a confection made from pounded sticky rice, with ice cream filling. It tasted somewhat like a thick pancake/chewy covering and whatever it was – was really delicious!! We were also given some extra tasting treats on the house!

The restaurant itself is a real hidden gem and not one you would stumble across because of its location. However, it is well worth setting a reminder in your phone for when you want to book (bookings are only open 31 days in advance) as it gets super busy! A perfect setting for a special meal with a relaxed and sophisticated atmosphere, knowledgeable and professional waiters and 10/10, top notch food!

For more info head over to their website here.

IH xo