The Hairy Bikers do it again in their recent ‘Veggie Feasts’ cookbook…! I first made this vegan creamy black pepper pasta on the day we picked up Roka (our new pup) as I thought it would be a nice way to kick off my week holiday and celebrate our new arrival. On second thoughts, it was probably a mistake trying to learn a new recipe and have a ball of cuteness distracting me – but we made it work. And, the conclusion? Absolutely. Divine. Big. Thumbs. Up. Let’s. Do. It. Again.

vegan creamy black pepper pasta

So that’s a positive response, yeah?

This vegan creamy black pepper pasta, tastes as good as it sounds – it’s creamy, it has a real kick of black pepper and it’s pasta… what more could you want?

butternut squash and cashew nuts boiling

The creaminess and yumminess of the sauce is down to the cashews, but by blending them with all the other mystery ingredients that the Hairy Bikers like to throw in – it turns into a concoction like no other. Marmite? Never thought that would be in the same recipe as maple syrup, spinach and nutmeg. But it works!

onion, bay leaves and black pepper

Although there are quite a few different elements to this vegan creamy black pepper pasta, it’s worth every single second. It’s a largely satisfying dish to make, but it also is both filling and tastes incredible. It’s hands down one of the best pasta dishes I’ve ever eaten and is a true home comfort.

the vegan black pepper pasta sauce

With that said, although I do like pasta from time to time, it’s never been a big player in my diet. There’s no particular reason for that, but I think because I like cooking so much I’ve always treated pasta as a bit of a cop-out. It’s the type of food I associate with being a student, being slightly hungover (!) and being super cheap/quick/easy (aka pre-made sauce and a load of cheese.) Not that there’s anything wrong with those things, but it’s just not a very ‘me’ thing at all.

Creamy black pepper sauce

Yet, in recent months I’d say that G and I are eating pasta every fortnight and usually we swap between 2 recipes – this one, and Joe Wick’s lemony pea orzo (which is also next level & coming soon to the blog…!) We’ve also discovered the Hairy Biker’s Artichoke & Fennel Paella – another of our faves – which we now eat on a semi-regular basis. They truly are brilliant cooks, making hearty vegan and vegetarian cooking enticing for everyone.

So without further ado, I present to you the Hairy Bikers’ Vegan Creamy Black Pepper Pasta and I really, really hope you enjoy it as much as we do in our household!

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Vegan Creamy Black Pepper Pasta
  1. Put the cashews and butternut squash in a pan, cover with water and bring to the boil. Simmer for about 15 minutes, until the nuts are soft.
  2. Drain the nuts/squash and put them in a blender with the milk, garlic powder (or small garlic) and Marmite. Blitz until you have a smooth sauce.
  3. Heat the oil in a frying pan and add the onion and bay leaf. Cook gently until the onion is soft and translucent. Then add the garlic and peppercorns - continue to cook for a few more minutes, then add the sauce.
  4. Season with salt and pepper and stir to combine. Taste and add maple syrup if you would like a sweeter sauce, then grate in a little nutmeg.
  5. While the onion is cooking, bring a large saucepan of water to boil with salt. Cook the pasta until al dente, then add the spinach and allow to wilt.
  6. Scoop 2 ladlefuls of pasta water into a jug and then drain the pasta and spinach.
  7. Toss the pasta in the sauce, adding some pasta water if too thick. Serve immediately with black pepper and shavings of vegan cheese. Enjoy!
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